Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I was watching a series recently and in it was a person who claimed to be an atheist and yet later on was upset with God over something. The doctor then said to her, not that he knew the Lord himself, that she couldn't be an atheist and at the same time be angry at God. I thought to myself, 'how true!'. It got me thinking afterwards that there's so many people out there who deny the existence of the Lord but are quick to get angry at the Lord when things don't go their way or when something bad in their lives takes place. It all doesn't make sense. If you truly believed God didn't exist, why be angry at Him for anything.
We do not realize as humans how though we deny God's existence, we show forth all the time how He does exist. We get upset with Him for the bad things that happen and are even quick to ask for His help when we really need Him. We testify to His existence all the time and everything around us does too. The breath of life, the sun that shines forth during the day, the trees, the birds, our entire universe.....speaks of one greater than us. Instead of trying to fight His existence, we should embrace it and seek forth to live lives that are pleasing before Him. Iv heard it said before, "if you died and discovered there was no God, would there be anything to regret but if you died and discovered God actually existed, then you'll be in big trouble if you failed to believe". There is no point in even going that far because like I said, we all testify to God's existence every single day. No matter how much we try to deny it. LET'S STOP FIGHTING IT.


                                                            Isaiah 55:8-9

                                                             King James Version (KJV)
For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.
For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.
This year has been so eventful, with so many ups and downs. It almost feels as if its been the most eventful year of my life and the passage above I feel has been the lesson of the year. I began the year on a different path and ending the year on another. But through it all, the Lord never ceases to amaze me. Starting the year, I think my biggest goal apart from serving the Lord with all my being this year, was to get my Legal Practitioners Practicing Certificate. Yet again I can say the Lord has been faithful, because beyond even my wildest dreams I only failed one course. I experienced my first car accident, always wondered how that would be like (crazy I know). I experienced being really sick, getting a drip and all (twice for that matter), getting a pay raise, losing a loved one, making new friends, taking risks and the list is endless. All in all, one thing that I have learnt is something my mother has said to me in the recent past, "Thank God for everything because there is a reason for everything He allows to come in your life".
I am so grateful for all of 2013 and another lesson that rings forth in my head is something I feel the Lord has been telling and showing me throughout this year; 'TRUST ME!!!'  So as 2013 comes to a close, I thank the Lord for it all and I am going to trust Him for 2014. The year passes by so quickly sometimes but I am excited to see what the Lord has in store for me. 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Accidents have a way of putting things in perspective and making you think more about your life. I was involved in a car accident with two of my siblings and little nephew on the 8th of November. Two amazing things happened during the accident:

1. The calmness I felt whilst it was happening. I was driving and I remember thinking, "I'm going to be hit" and when I was hit," Oh my goodness, I have been hit, need to step on the brakes". I would like to think I brought the car to a stop but I know I didnt. That car stopped because the Lord had planned even before I was born that the car would stop. I was definitely shaken afterwards but while I still had my hands to the steering wheel and trying to control the car, I was so calm.

2. It's as if we were glued to our sits. My sister in the back together with her little boy hadnt gotten round to wearing their seat belts and so she hit the door but just mildly and my nephew didnt move an inch. My sister and I in the front seat were also just fine. No scratches or bruises, nothing, all of us were safe and sound.

Towards the close of day as we were talking about the accident with our mum, she said, "That's why we should never get behind the wheel without asking the Lord to protect us". This statement remained with me and reminded me, which the accident had already done, that God is in control. It's been said that the one appointment we will never miss is the death appointment. SO TRUE!!! When it's time to go, it's time to go. In the meantime, what I'm I doing for my Lord. I'm I ready to meet Him and account for my life here below? What will I have to show for it? When my time comes, I want to have lived a life that is pleasing before my Lord. To go to Him knowing that I will be received with open arms saying, "Well done my good and faithful servant". As at now, I know I am far from that goal and I want to live striving to attain a holy and pleasing life.


"Confidence ya mpemfu" directly translated means, "The confidence of a cockroach". I was so cracked up when speaking to my brothers one night, one of them described someone as having the confidence of a cockroach. Even while writing this, I'm still laughing. When he said it, I remember thinking "how true!".

Sometimes as Christians we behave like cockroaches. In Zambia, I have heard it said before that if you have cockroaches in your house, it's a sign that you have food. I'm sure that isn't funny to most coz cockroaches are such dirty insects. Anyway, anyone who has had the opportunity of seeing cockroaches would agree that they have no brain at all because like my brother said, they often go straight to their death. A cockroach will enter a hot oven thinking it will survive the heat or a whole bag of mealie meal imagining that it could eat the entire bag. What often happens however is that they die.

Now this is how we tend to behave as Christians. The Bible tells us to flee from evil and stay away from all that we know to be sinful and yet we dive head on into the very thing that we know will harm us. We put ourselves to the test, behaving like cockroaches, imagining we can overcome. Going as far as quoting, "I am more than a conqueror!". How stupid of us. There is a reason why we're asked to flee and that reason is very simple. You don't need Albert Einstein to tell you the reason. No one flees from something that is likely to give them joy, people flee that which is dangerous to them. Let us not behave like cockroaches and be more careful and keep ourselves from sin. We can do so by fleeing from all that is sinful and keeping ourselves from harms way.

The phrase my have been very funny as it was being used to refer to someone but it had so much truth in it and it reminded me of my behaviour at times. Lord help me not to be a cockroach!! 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


I have struggled alot with the direction I wanted this blog to take and finally I know what I wanna do and which I have been doing already. I want to share my life experiences with everyone, air my thoughts and just write about anything thats weighing heavily upon my heart. So, I have decided to rename my blog- "A Walk in my shoes".
I began blogging very reluctantly but I am now finding it to be alot of fun. I still don't know if anyone reads it :-((((( but that's not going to stop me. Its fun; I love to write-always have. When I was a kid I loved writing short stories which I did not show too many people because I was not so confident in my work and sadly, I have lost most of the stories I wrote.
So, I will take this opportunity to write on various topics and just share with whomever happens to pass by.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Yet again, the Lord has answered my prayer. I have just gone through the most tiring one year plus trying to get my practicing certificate and though the journey is not yet complete, I just have one more hurdle to pass.
I am currently engaged in post graduate studies in Law and just got my results and I can proudly say I cleared 9 out of 10 courses. Its kind of hard to understand why anyone would rejoice over something like that but those of us in Law school understand what a mile stone it is to just be done with the bulk of the workload even though one may not necessarily have passed everything. I always joke saying, only in law school can you be congratulated even though you havent necessarily passed.
Anyway, the last one year felt like I would never see a ray of sunlight ever but looking back, the Lord has carried me through and I can say with all my heart that, "Thus far has the Lord led me". Iv spent so much time praying that He would see me through and He did just that. It is something I am giving praise to the Lord for everyday because I know I could not have done it without Him. No one will ever understand that I never look back and say, "Yeah, it was all my hard work". I always look back and look above and say, "Thank you Lord, for once again I know you have carried me through". I can testify that the Lord hears our prayers and one way or another, He answers them. I have always felt blessed for how the Lord has dealt and is still dealing with me academically. I will never cease to praise Him in this area of my life. To those looking from the outside, it seems like I breeze through but I have shed so many tears and taken so many hours engulfed in my books such that for me when I receive good news that I have cleared, it always comes with such a great sense of gratitude because I know my efforts were but a drop in the ocean; the Lord does it all. He has blessed me with the ability to retain information but also to put the information retained in a logical manner to be able to answer the exam questions placed before me. I will never stop being grateful, I pray I dont.
I am 9 steps closer to my dream. Almost there! I can only imagine what it will be like to finally be able to practice law. Just the thought brings me to tears. One more hurdle to cross and I am trusting in the Lord to see me through.

Friday, October 4, 2013


I had saved those words in my phone a while back thinking to myself that I need to write a blog with that title. I cant even remember if it was just a thought I had or I read it somewhere but I would like to think its the former.

"The Cinderella Glass Slipper must fit only you!" I just love that coz it has so much truth in it. Many a time women allow themselves to be in the kinds of relationships where they know very well that they arent the only women in their mens lives. How one would know that and still be convinced that the man loves them, I will never understand. I think as a woman you need to realise  firstly, that you are of value. The Bible says we are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139: 14). Now if we as women are fearfully and wonderfully made, then we are of value. The Lord wasn't forming us in our mothers wombs with one eye open and one eye closed. We were being made fearfully and wonderfully. So, lets stop putting ourselves down and realise that we are of value. Therefore, if we are of value then we must not let another human being treat us like dirt.
Secondly, a man who trully loves a woman will have only one woman. God did not bring two Eves to one Adam but He brought one Eve to one Adam. Adam did not say they shall be bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh but rather, "She shall be bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh". The Lord meant it to be a monogamous relationship and not polygamous. So why would you allow yourself to be in a relationship with a man who does not have any intention to keep it monogamous. If he trully loved you, He would emulate Adam, his forefather. The cinderella glass slipper must fit only you!

Thirdly and lastly, the Cinderella glass slipper must fit only you. Every girl knows the cinderella story and how the prince went looking for which maiden would fit the glass slipper and it never fit any other maiden except cinderella herself. It was made in such a way that it would fit only her. Ladies, the conderella glass slipper must fit only you. There is an Eve out there for a particular Adam. Never allow yourself to be deceived by the evil one that you will never find anyone better or you're getting old and no one else will come along or whatever misconceived thoughts you may have. I repeat, the cinderella glass slipper must fit only you. Your true prince will come and when he does, the slipper will fit only you. Let us learn to wait for him. Afterall, no one was ever disappointed who waited. The ones who usually get disappointed are the fools who rush in.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


My mind is constantly on over drive thinking about this and the other. Wondering why this and that are the way they are. Iv found me a book written by Thomas Watson entitled, "All Things for Good". I have embarked on reading this book as I know it will answer most of the questions that fill my head.

So far the writer has shown that in the phrase taken from Romans 8:28, "We know that all things work together for good to them that love God....", there is a glorious privilege. This glorious privilege can be broken down into two categories namely, the certainty of the privilege ("we know") and the excellency of the privilege ("all things work together for good to them that love God"). Simply explained, there is certainty in the privilege and excellency in it because ALL THE VARIOUS DEALINGS OF GOD WITH HIS CHILDREN DO BY A SPECIAL PROVIDENCE TURN TO THEIR GOOD, the writer shows.

How amazing that is; God is just so amazing. It reminds me that God is at the wheel driving and deciding where my life will go, what will happen and regardless of what it may be, all things will work for my good. That is just so amazing and great to know. I need not worry about today or tomorrow or fret about this and the other because He is in control.

Oh that such truths may be sealed upon the tablets of our hearts that we may never forsake them and have them as constant reminders.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013


My Father turned 50 on the 13th of September which makes this blog entry late. But all the same, I thought I should share the 50 reasons why I love my dad. I tell him often that He is the best father a girl can have and I mean it with all my heart. I feel blessed having him in my life. When I consider how the Lord has blessed me, on my list I always add-"the greatest parents!" I would never trade places with any child on the face of the earth. I framed the 50 reasons I love my dad and gave them to him as part of my gift to him. They will appear the way they did, addressed to him that is. So here are the 50 reasons why I love my dad:

50 Reasons Why I love You Dad!

1. You are the best father a girl could ever have (I have said it a million times but to me it never grows old).

2. For smiling at me the first time you laid your eyes on me as a baby (I know you did even if I was a baby and have no proof that you did).

3. Because you love me even when I am annoying and don’t make much sense.

4. Because I just do

5. Because you give me the best advice anyone could ever ask for.

6. For trying to joke around with my friends and making them feel at ease around you.

7. For taking time to listen to me.

8. For trying to give me hugs occasionally even if I don’t look interested.

9. For calling me “my baby girl” which makes me feel special.

10. Because you are you.

11. Because you have always read the Bible to me.

12. For setting an example for me on how to be a parent.

13. For showing me the perfect example of a loving husband.

14. Because I can run to you in joy and in sadness.

15. Because you show me my faults.

16. For not taking my side when I am in the wrong.

17. For holding my hand when crossing the road as a little girl.

18. For still asking whether you need to hold my hand as we cross the road even today (the few times we have found ourselves crossing the road together).

19. For telling me all sorts of stories.

20. You’re my daddy and you’re one of my favourite people ever.

21. For insisting on some of our traditions even when I have thought them unnecessary.

22. For loving my hand written cards and hanging them in your office.

23. For loving every gift I have ever given you including this one.

24. You do not embarrass me in front of my friends.

25. How you take a keen interest in my relationship.

26. You are a great leader in every aspect.

27. For being a perfect example of walking with the Lord.

28. For providing for me.

29. For knowing when and how to discipline.

30. You have never given up on me.

31. For showing disappointment when I deserved it.

32. For not scolding me unnecessarily.

33. I know you are always going to be here for me.

34. You’ve taught me that education matters.

35. You are very smart.

36. For changing my phone or having it fixed regardless of how many times I spoil it.

37. Because you care for me.

38. How I might accidentally repeat things in here and you will not mind.

38. For making me laugh.

39. Because you are honest.

40. You are grateful for everything you have and this sets such a good example for me.

41. You would never throw someone in front of a bus to better yourself. Everything you have, you have received by merit.

42. For making mum very happy.

43. You are the most humble person I know.

44. For bearing with mum as she shops for us even when you think half the things are unnecessary.

45. Because you have such a big heart.

46. Because you would sacrifice everything for your family.

47. Because you love mum and so do I.

48. For ensuring I went to church every Sunday until I got saved and actually wanted to go to church.

49. For showing that a life with Christ is the best life EVER!

50. Because I can still call you DADDY and I am your little girl!!!



Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Last week Friday began in the normal fashion all of my days begin. I said my good byes to everyone at home before leaving for the office. While driving down to my work place, situated in northmead, I heard my phone ring but I decided I would call whoever was calling when I got to the office. So I got to the office, put my handbag and laptop bag down, and began to unpack the laptop and set it down on my desk as I usually do before I eventually take my seat. After settling down, I took my phone out of the bag to check who had been calling. It was my sister and I wondered what she wanted to say to me that had to be said so early in the day.
I eventually called her back and the news I received from the other end of the line was not anything one can get used to. One of my first cousins had passed away. It hit me so hard.............I could not believe what I had just heard. My thoughts went back to the moments I had seen him and I was filled with so much sadness.
We buried him on Monday and he was only 21. Looking back at the time I was 21, I had so many dreams and so many things I wanted to achieve. And even now at the age of 23, I still have so many dreams and ambitions, so many things I would love to achieve. But there's one thing we always forget, our days are numbered and when our time is up it will be time to go home. None of us think of dying young. When we think of death, we always think of it as happening when we are old and grey but we are not assured of tomorrow or today or the next second.
Therefore, regardless of what our dreams and ambitions may be, our most important ambition should be to serve the Lord and live for Him always. Spurgeon's lesson for today points out the fact that our object for life should be, "for me to live is Christ". All else is sinking sand. Death has a way of reminding us that we are pilgrims on a journey, we have not arrived at our destination yet. However, sadly we often forget this and treat this passing earth as if we are going to be here forever. A visit to the grave yard reminds us that we are not. For dust we are and to dust we shall return.

My cousin will be surely missed by all of us as his family but just like him this world is not our home, we are just passing through. We should make it our chief goal therefore, to live lives that matter. A life that matters is a life lived in and for Christ. ALL ELSE IS SINKING SAND!!!!

Thursday, September 5, 2013


I am now at a point where the lessons are drawing me to the manner in which Jesus was a Servant. The manner in which He operated as a Servant and my thoughts have been drawn to one quality of my Lord that I rarely think about and consider; His sensitivity.

Isaiah 42:3 rcords,                                         
"a bruised reed he will not break,
and a faintly burning wick he will not quench;
 he will faithfully bring forth justice."

I am sure I have read this passage before but never would I have thought it points to the quality of the Lord as being sensitive. But when you consider the first two lines, it really hits you- a bruised reed He will not break and a faintly burning wick He will not quench. I found it amazing when I considered it in this manner.

Additionally, Matt 9:36 records,
"When he saw the crowds, he had compassion for them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd."

This too shows the sensitivity of the Lord to the people who were before Him.

One area which the writer of the devotional has pointed to is being sensitive in the manner we treat those who are heartbroken or going through problems. I must say when I think about how I have treated someone going through a problem or who was heart broken in the past, I am shown that I totally sucked. I always tell myself that I am pathetic when it comes to such things but that is no excuse. I ought to be sensitive towards such people and treat them with the same love and compassion that my Lord has set as an example for me. Oh, how I pray that I will do better when faced with such situations.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I have been searching for a new devotional guide and finally settled on one entitled the Servant Songs. I have finished very few devotional books but I hope that this, just as my last, will prove very helpful. I looked at one which journeyed me through the book of Philippians and it was great.

Well...... so far I have seen that a servant is not one with the greatest number of Servants but is one who serves the greatest number. The Bible's definition of a servant is surely not the worlds definition of a servant. In the world, it isn't desirable to be a servant. In my profession, I am able to see how one shouldn't desire to be a servant but rather should be served and yet our very job description entails us serving the community but this is rarely seen. Hence, peoples dislike for lawyers.

I want to be a true servant as the Lord Jesus Christ was. I want to be a servant in every aspect of my life and more importantly, I want to be the difference in my profession. I want to serve others and bring back confidence in lawyers in the community. I want them to look at the profession and see a different type of lawyer through me.

As I have learned so far, I will never ever be as fully qualified for the job of a true servant as Jesus was but I pray that the Lord will give me a heart like His.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Walk in my shoes...........

There are so many things I can be grateful to the Lord for but a major one for me is School. The opportunity to get an education, and not just any education but a good one, is only a dream for the majority in Africa. Being on the side where you are getting an education can make you think that everyone is enjoying the same privilege but that is far from the truth. There are so many people who would love to get an education in my country, Zambia, but for one reason or the other, they are unable to. So I am grateful to the Lord for the opportunity that I have had to get an education.
I am always reminded and constantly remind others that God expects us to be good stewards of our education. Its one of the many talents for me that God has placed in my hand and far be it up to me I will work hard while I have it in hand. One passage of scripture that has enabled me to work hard in school has been Proverbs 14:23 that shows that all hard work brings a profit. I have proved the Lord true in this area time and time again.
God has been faithful to me in this area and I pray that I will be able to serve Him better with this gift. I pray and hope that I have led a good example for my younger siblings in this area. We, who live in Africa and are blessed to be able to go to school should never take it for granted. It is trully a blessing and all we need to do is just stand outside for 5 minutes and see the many young lives that are not able to go to school and we will realise that the one thing we often take for granted, we musn't because there would be a huge fight to take our place were it offered to others.