Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I am absolutely going to miss my university days. I will not miss the stress of it or how everything was so complicated, Zambia being what it is, but I will definitely miss all the fun times I had with friends.

In my fourth year, I got to live with three amazing young ladies. They were unique in their own way and we got along just fine. One was like me in certain aspects and as I like to say, "a worser version of my character". Where I worried, she worried even more; where I was stressed, she stressed even more. The other had a very strong personality but sweet at the same time. And the third had a strong personalty but unique and loving too. It was a blessing to live with these girls because on top of everything, they were Christians and from whom I learnt so much spiritually and while I lived with them it was always a constant challenge spiritually. I had 3 other young ladies to whom I was accountable as I lived my university days.

The 'Cottage Girls':

Above: Moi and my room mate
(My two other housemates)

Another highlight of University was the fellowship with fellow believers that I got to experience at the Zambia Fellowship of Evangelical Students (ZAFES) Meetings. From my fresh man year to my last year of university, I was amazed at how the Lord would speak to me from the various fellowship meetings we had. I realised from the meetings that I was not alone in the race and at other times that I was not the only one struggling with a certain experience. I got encouraged by the lives of the Christian brethren there and I got to learn alot about God and what He expects of me. ZAFES members were my family and I will miss them dearly.

Some of the Zafes family:

Without the school part, university life would not be complete. I spent my first year trying to make it into Law School from the school of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Lord was pleased to enable me to make it into Law School. For the first time in my life, I was actually the highest ranking in terms of school and it was such an amazing feeling. School life afterwards seemed more difficult as I progressed in to second year (first year of Law School). It was so rough and proved to be such a challenge and yet to everyone else, I was sailing through. But despite the rough tide, the Lord saw me through. Looking back, I see Gods hand constantly as I went from one semester to the next. The Lord was gracious and faithful to me and I am so grateful to Him for everything.

Lastly, I made friends who will forever be a part of my life on Campus and who I will treasure always. I thank the Lord for letting me cross paths with each one of them.

Today, I am a graduate and it is all because of the Lord. He is truly at work in our lives, whatever it may be, He is there. I have seen Him so clearly in my university days and I will always be grateful.

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