Thursday, June 26, 2014


Iv never been one to keep a diary but the few times I have tried for the past four years or so, I will write stuff for a few days then just fail to continue. Once in a while I like to pick up these books and read through my thoughts way back then. But I must mention, these books are usually turned into books for devotional notes or sunday service note books so not all is lost. They do not turn out to be diaries kapish but are still useful.
Anyway, so recently I picked up these books and read through them. One book took me back to the year 2010. No, infact one took me back as far as 2009. It was so amazing to read what my thoughts were during particular periods of those two years. I was so struck by how the stuff I could not understand then, the Lord has answered "why?" during the past four years. Back then I thought my confusions couldn't get any worse but lo and behold, 2014 hits and there's more. One thing remained true after I was done going back through memory lane, 'my ways are not His ways and neither are my thoughts, His thoughts'. 
We all have plans and aspirations and dreams but in the end the Lord's Will is done. By the time I was done, all I could do was smile. It's been said that the Lord has a sense of humour and I definitely saw it. He has been my guide the last four years bringing to fruition some of my dreams, opening and closing doors and I stand AMAZED!
One of my favourite songs is 'Stand' by Britt Nicole and one of the lines in the song is, "I look up and all I see is your love holding me". Oh, how my Lord holds me through it all and I just wanna sing praises to Him everyday. Thus far the Lord has led me and I know He will continue to do so. 
Iv been thinking that I should try again to start a diary coz four years from now, I will see God at work in me and through me.
"I love thee Lord. I love thee for taking me under your loving arms and leading me through this life. I am amazed by your awesomeness. I stand amazed by your love and I pray that I will live a life that is pleasing and honourable to you!" AMEN!!!

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