Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I was watching a series recently and in it was a person who claimed to be an atheist and yet later on was upset with God over something. The doctor then said to her, not that he knew the Lord himself, that she couldn't be an atheist and at the same time be angry at God. I thought to myself, 'how true!'. It got me thinking afterwards that there's so many people out there who deny the existence of the Lord but are quick to get angry at the Lord when things don't go their way or when something bad in their lives takes place. It all doesn't make sense. If you truly believed God didn't exist, why be angry at Him for anything.
We do not realize as humans how though we deny God's existence, we show forth all the time how He does exist. We get upset with Him for the bad things that happen and are even quick to ask for His help when we really need Him. We testify to His existence all the time and everything around us does too. The breath of life, the sun that shines forth during the day, the trees, the birds, our entire universe.....speaks of one greater than us. Instead of trying to fight His existence, we should embrace it and seek forth to live lives that are pleasing before Him. Iv heard it said before, "if you died and discovered there was no God, would there be anything to regret but if you died and discovered God actually existed, then you'll be in big trouble if you failed to believe". There is no point in even going that far because like I said, we all testify to God's existence every single day. No matter how much we try to deny it. LET'S STOP FIGHTING IT.

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