Wednesday, December 4, 2013


"Confidence ya mpemfu" directly translated means, "The confidence of a cockroach". I was so cracked up when speaking to my brothers one night, one of them described someone as having the confidence of a cockroach. Even while writing this, I'm still laughing. When he said it, I remember thinking "how true!".

Sometimes as Christians we behave like cockroaches. In Zambia, I have heard it said before that if you have cockroaches in your house, it's a sign that you have food. I'm sure that isn't funny to most coz cockroaches are such dirty insects. Anyway, anyone who has had the opportunity of seeing cockroaches would agree that they have no brain at all because like my brother said, they often go straight to their death. A cockroach will enter a hot oven thinking it will survive the heat or a whole bag of mealie meal imagining that it could eat the entire bag. What often happens however is that they die.

Now this is how we tend to behave as Christians. The Bible tells us to flee from evil and stay away from all that we know to be sinful and yet we dive head on into the very thing that we know will harm us. We put ourselves to the test, behaving like cockroaches, imagining we can overcome. Going as far as quoting, "I am more than a conqueror!". How stupid of us. There is a reason why we're asked to flee and that reason is very simple. You don't need Albert Einstein to tell you the reason. No one flees from something that is likely to give them joy, people flee that which is dangerous to them. Let us not behave like cockroaches and be more careful and keep ourselves from sin. We can do so by fleeing from all that is sinful and keeping ourselves from harms way.

The phrase my have been very funny as it was being used to refer to someone but it had so much truth in it and it reminded me of my behaviour at times. Lord help me not to be a cockroach!! 

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