Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Yet again, the Lord has answered my prayer. I have just gone through the most tiring one year plus trying to get my practicing certificate and though the journey is not yet complete, I just have one more hurdle to pass.
I am currently engaged in post graduate studies in Law and just got my results and I can proudly say I cleared 9 out of 10 courses. Its kind of hard to understand why anyone would rejoice over something like that but those of us in Law school understand what a mile stone it is to just be done with the bulk of the workload even though one may not necessarily have passed everything. I always joke saying, only in law school can you be congratulated even though you havent necessarily passed.
Anyway, the last one year felt like I would never see a ray of sunlight ever but looking back, the Lord has carried me through and I can say with all my heart that, "Thus far has the Lord led me". Iv spent so much time praying that He would see me through and He did just that. It is something I am giving praise to the Lord for everyday because I know I could not have done it without Him. No one will ever understand that I never look back and say, "Yeah, it was all my hard work". I always look back and look above and say, "Thank you Lord, for once again I know you have carried me through". I can testify that the Lord hears our prayers and one way or another, He answers them. I have always felt blessed for how the Lord has dealt and is still dealing with me academically. I will never cease to praise Him in this area of my life. To those looking from the outside, it seems like I breeze through but I have shed so many tears and taken so many hours engulfed in my books such that for me when I receive good news that I have cleared, it always comes with such a great sense of gratitude because I know my efforts were but a drop in the ocean; the Lord does it all. He has blessed me with the ability to retain information but also to put the information retained in a logical manner to be able to answer the exam questions placed before me. I will never stop being grateful, I pray I dont.
I am 9 steps closer to my dream. Almost there! I can only imagine what it will be like to finally be able to practice law. Just the thought brings me to tears. One more hurdle to cross and I am trusting in the Lord to see me through.

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