Tuesday, September 17, 2013


My Father turned 50 on the 13th of September which makes this blog entry late. But all the same, I thought I should share the 50 reasons why I love my dad. I tell him often that He is the best father a girl can have and I mean it with all my heart. I feel blessed having him in my life. When I consider how the Lord has blessed me, on my list I always add-"the greatest parents!" I would never trade places with any child on the face of the earth. I framed the 50 reasons I love my dad and gave them to him as part of my gift to him. They will appear the way they did, addressed to him that is. So here are the 50 reasons why I love my dad:

50 Reasons Why I love You Dad!

1. You are the best father a girl could ever have (I have said it a million times but to me it never grows old).

2. For smiling at me the first time you laid your eyes on me as a baby (I know you did even if I was a baby and have no proof that you did).

3. Because you love me even when I am annoying and don’t make much sense.

4. Because I just do

5. Because you give me the best advice anyone could ever ask for.

6. For trying to joke around with my friends and making them feel at ease around you.

7. For taking time to listen to me.

8. For trying to give me hugs occasionally even if I don’t look interested.

9. For calling me “my baby girl” which makes me feel special.

10. Because you are you.

11. Because you have always read the Bible to me.

12. For setting an example for me on how to be a parent.

13. For showing me the perfect example of a loving husband.

14. Because I can run to you in joy and in sadness.

15. Because you show me my faults.

16. For not taking my side when I am in the wrong.

17. For holding my hand when crossing the road as a little girl.

18. For still asking whether you need to hold my hand as we cross the road even today (the few times we have found ourselves crossing the road together).

19. For telling me all sorts of stories.

20. You’re my daddy and you’re one of my favourite people ever.

21. For insisting on some of our traditions even when I have thought them unnecessary.

22. For loving my hand written cards and hanging them in your office.

23. For loving every gift I have ever given you including this one.

24. You do not embarrass me in front of my friends.

25. How you take a keen interest in my relationship.

26. You are a great leader in every aspect.

27. For being a perfect example of walking with the Lord.

28. For providing for me.

29. For knowing when and how to discipline.

30. You have never given up on me.

31. For showing disappointment when I deserved it.

32. For not scolding me unnecessarily.

33. I know you are always going to be here for me.

34. You’ve taught me that education matters.

35. You are very smart.

36. For changing my phone or having it fixed regardless of how many times I spoil it.

37. Because you care for me.

38. How I might accidentally repeat things in here and you will not mind.

38. For making me laugh.

39. Because you are honest.

40. You are grateful for everything you have and this sets such a good example for me.

41. You would never throw someone in front of a bus to better yourself. Everything you have, you have received by merit.

42. For making mum very happy.

43. You are the most humble person I know.

44. For bearing with mum as she shops for us even when you think half the things are unnecessary.

45. Because you have such a big heart.

46. Because you would sacrifice everything for your family.

47. Because you love mum and so do I.

48. For ensuring I went to church every Sunday until I got saved and actually wanted to go to church.

49. For showing that a life with Christ is the best life EVER!

50. Because I can still call you DADDY and I am your little girl!!!



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