Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I have been searching for a new devotional guide and finally settled on one entitled the Servant Songs. I have finished very few devotional books but I hope that this, just as my last, will prove very helpful. I looked at one which journeyed me through the book of Philippians and it was great.

Well...... so far I have seen that a servant is not one with the greatest number of Servants but is one who serves the greatest number. The Bible's definition of a servant is surely not the worlds definition of a servant. In the world, it isn't desirable to be a servant. In my profession, I am able to see how one shouldn't desire to be a servant but rather should be served and yet our very job description entails us serving the community but this is rarely seen. Hence, peoples dislike for lawyers.

I want to be a true servant as the Lord Jesus Christ was. I want to be a servant in every aspect of my life and more importantly, I want to be the difference in my profession. I want to serve others and bring back confidence in lawyers in the community. I want them to look at the profession and see a different type of lawyer through me.

As I have learned so far, I will never ever be as fully qualified for the job of a true servant as Jesus was but I pray that the Lord will give me a heart like His.

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