Thursday, May 19, 2011

My favourite fifteen

1.     Serve God by serving others.
2.     Maintaining an eternal perspective is key to responding to the challenges we face now.
3.     The Christian life is like a window through which others see Christ.
4.     The key to spiritual strength is to simply rest and abide.
5.     When I am weak in myself, then I am strong in the Lord.
6.     History is in God’s hands, it is never blind fate and God has a purpose for everything.
7.     God doesn’t list any position as greater than another. He just asks me to do my best in whatever job I am given.
8.     Either sin will keep me from God’s Word or God’s Word will keep me from sin.
9.     The things I want may be in God’s plan for me but the Lord wants me to be willing to let them go. If they are not in His plan, I can be sure He has something even better.
10.  God is big. I am small. But, the big God helps small people.
11.  In my own strength, I will stumble; in my own flesh, I will fall; but God strengthens me.
12.  A lying tongue is but for a moment. Truth is the daughter of time and in time it will come out.
13.  Be firm, continue calling upon the name of the Lord. In due time, God will exalt you.
14.  God is too wise to make a mistake.
15.  Worry not about here on earth but about home in heaven.

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